Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sorting, Sorting, Sorting

This week I have finally sorted the hand-me-down clothes from my sister and one of my friends. I spent three days sorting through bags of clothing and trying to determine what size Snugglebug should wear. He is not an easy one to fit. I determined that shorts and pants are one size and shirts and onesies are another size.

After determining what size he needed, I then sorted out the clothes that were too small for him from his dresser. This may seem like a small thing and not worth mentioning, but I haven't had to sort his clothes since October of last year. So this growth spurt is monumental!

Once finished with the sort, I was able to determine that I had way more clothes than Snugglebug could possibly wear. So, I was able to share my good fortune with someone else. While I put away, three boxes of clothes, and filled Snugglebug's dresser, I also filled three boxes of clothes to give away to someone else. Now, there's blessings for you!

Snugglebug Feeds Himself for the Very First Time

This video is actually from last Tuesday, but I am just now finding the time to upload it. We have been working on spoon-feeding for some time now, and he just hasn't grasped the concept. Most of the time the oatmeal ends up flung all over the floor, walls, and nearby chairs. But today, it clicked for him, and he was eating as fast as I could load the spoon.