Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cleanse: Post-Cleanse Day 1 and Final Thoughts

I successfully completed the Standard Process Cleanse!! (You can find it on Amazon. Just type in Standard Process Purification Kit)

It was a hard program to stick with but well worth it! I lost seven pounds overall, but remember my goal wasn't to lose a great deal of weight. Most people who wish to lose weight will average 15-20 pounds over the course of the 20 day cleanse. But, don't just go by what the scale says. Measure yourself before your start and when you finish the cleanse. The tape measure will give you a more honest reflection of how you are doing. The program recommends light exercise such as walking or yoga or a little weight lifting for three or four days a week. If you are exercising, you will be exchanging fat for muscle. I was hit and miss with the exercise. I decided today that I need to write a post about why it is difficult for a mom to work out.

I'm a firm believer in the tape measure. Seven pounds doesn't like a lot but in inches it amounts to:
2 1/2 inches lost in the waist
1 1/2 inches lost in the hips
2 inches lost in the mid-section (belly button--the widest part of the belly)

Those inches meant I didn't have to go buy new clothes. Our budget certainly couldn't afford me growing out of my clothes.

I feel much, much better! I am sleeping better and more soundly. I have more energy overall but especially in the mornings due to getting better sleep. I was taking medication in morning and evening for acid reflux and am no longer taking it. The reflux is completely gone! My body PH has stabilized around a somewhat normal level. It is still slightly lower than it should be, but I am getting there. Before the cleanse my body PH was so low that it equated to being slightly higher than stomach acid. No wonder I had reflux!

I am still taking my anti-depressant but that is as much emotional as it is physical. I hope to be off those by the New Year.

My blood sugar has also stabilized. I am pre-diabetic because of bad genes. But, I am hoping to avoid any need for insulin later on by combating the diabetes before it becomes diabetes. I'll be sticking as close to sugar free as I can from now on. I'll also be eating a lot more vegetables than I did before.

I'm still having some asthma issues but certainly nothing like before. I can take a deep breath without issue and don't need my inhalers during the day unless we are near a horse arena (we were at the fair and I needed my inhaler then.) Overall, I think the cleanse has helped my immune system and my breathing quality.

Post cleanse Day one, I find that I really want to keep eating healthy. I ate a chip, and it didn't taste good to me. I also tasted a piece of candy and found it was wayyy too sweet. I hope this keeps up because I likely won't go back to sodas and chocolate. (Well, sodas anyway and candy at least.) I am going to keep drinking a shake for breakfast but I am changing the recipe to a not-so cleanse approved drink. It looks like this:

Ingredients (Makes 1 serving)

4oz V8 Splash Strawberry Banana

1 serving Bluebonnet 100% Whey Protein Powder

1/2 cup, thawed Strawberries

1/2 Banana

4 oz Water

1 tbsp Psyllium Husks (500 mg or 5 g)

1 tbsp Great Value Peanut Butter

1.Place all ingredients in a blender.

2.Blend till smooth.

The nutrition facts look like this:

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 serving (451.9 g)
Amount Per Serving
Calories 349
Calories from Fat 73
Total Fat 8.1g
Saturated Fat 1.5g
Cholesterol 1mg
Sodium 149mg
Total Carbohydrates 43.1g
Dietary Fiber 9.8g
Sugars 26.0g
Protein 30.5g

Vitamin A 51% • Vitamin C 148%
Calcium 3% • Iron 9%
* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

This is not a light shake. It sticks with you courtesy of the peanut butter. The peanut butter also gives me more carbohydrates and protein. I was able to work-out after breakfast and wasn't hungry till noon. No morning snacks were needed. According to Calorie Count, the recipe gets a grade of "B." Of course, my preference is all "A's" but an occasional "B" is okay. I can live with it. It makes for a very hearty and mostly healthy breakfast. I am going to toy with different recipes for breakfast shakes. I like making my breakfast the night before and not having to worry about cooking my breakfast the next morning.

For lunch today, I had a salad that wasn't any different than during the last ten days of the cleanse. I also made an entire bottle of the homemade dressing mix. It is half olive oil and half Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar with some garlic and Italian seasoning. I then poured it into a spritz bottle that I found in the travel section. I can spritz my salad with my own dressing, and I don't have to worry about sodium or chemicals. It is also cheaper!

For dinners, I am not worrying about sticking to the cleanse approved diet. We will still occasionally eat enchiladas and tacos. I am going to try to cut down on the less healthy foods and eat them less often. Afterall, you can't totally cut tacos out of your diet. They are just too yummy! But, you can limit them to once a month or every other month. We will still have menus that include meatloaf and beef stew but the plate will feature three vegetables in large portions leaving less room for the main dish that is not so healthy. My thought is the two will even out in the end. My nutritionist may see it differently so don't quote me. I am not giving advice, merely stating this is what I am going to try.

I'm taking a ton of vitamins now. I am taking pretty much any and all vitamins and even a disgusting colloidal mineral supplement. I am also taking Co-Q 10 which is good for rebuilding and nourishing the cells themselves. Vitamin C is a regular part of my meals. I take 1000 mg with each meal. It is more than the recommended amount but then I have been more sick than is recommended.

The biggest thing I learned is that your should do the cleanse in a month with no special outings, like fairs, no family get together, and no holidays. It is just too hard to do a cleanse while watching everyone else eat delectable dishes. I also think spring or summer is a better time because you can grow your own veggies if you have a porch with some sun or a garden, but you can also find them easier and cheaper at Farmer's Markets and even in the grocery store.

I highly recommend this cleanse. It is pricey! If you can't do this cleanse, then there are other options you can try and get results. I won't say they are the same results since I have no comparison. But I would recommend trying to eat just fruits and veggies for the first ten days and introduce chicken and fish on day eleven. Take lots and lots of fiber supplements and drink a shake for breakfast, making sure your protein powder has a LOT of vitamins and nutrients and no excess fillers, flavors, or chemicals. The goals is to get rid of the chemicals from your body and part of that is not introducing more chemicals.

If you are attempting to get healthy, please let me know. If you found these posts helpful in any way, I would love to hear your story. If you are a Snugglbug fan and wondering where he is in all this. I'll be updating with pictures from the State Fair, Pumpkin Patch, and best of all Occupational Therapy Graduation! I'll post those by next weekend!

Thanks for joining me on my quest! Now, it is your turn! Go get healthy!!

Cleanse: Days 17-20!!!

As difficult as it was to get through the State Fair, the last four days were even more difficult. I was craving carbs like crazy. It wasn't because I wasn't getting the carbs in my veggies, I think it was just because I wasn't supposed to eat breads, and so forth. It was driving me crazy!

Each meal and each day was a complete battle to stick with it. I kept asking myself if it was worth it or if I really needed three weeks of this. I can honestly say yes, it was worth it and yes, I need three weeks.

I tried to diversify my meals but found that salads made a quick and easy lunch and then dinner I would cook my veggies.

Day twenty presented another very difficult day to stay on task. You would think that by Day twenty it would be easy and a part of me. But, we attended a birthday party (actually two that day) and they were serving BBQ pulled pork and hot dogs. I could smell the BBQ down the block where I had to park. I knew when I stepped out of the car that this wasn't an ordinary party. There were mounds and mounds of pork. And there is nothing I enjoy more than BBQ, unless it is pizza or pie (any kind of pie)! I almost through in the towel right then and there and said what's a few hours! I had only about six more hours left on the cleanse. But, I summoned the will power from somewhere. I honestly think the will power came from knowing I would have to confess my failure to my readers. I did promise to blog about what I ate and to be honest! So, in all honesty, I did not eat any BBQ! I will however be calling the mom today to see if she had any leftovers!

Cleanse: Day 15-16

Day 15 took us to the Land of Fried Milk and Fried Honey...Otherwise known as the Great State Fair of Texas!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know the State Fair is an event for our family and is rarely missed. In our eight years of marriage, we have only missed one fair and one of our first dates was to the State Fair. We gather as many people who want to go with us, and give them a grand tour of the fair. If you find you don't like the state fair, then you need to go with us. We know all the places to have some free fun and cheap food. We know how to travel the fair and have fun every minute of the day.

The problem with doing a cleanse and attending the fair is that there is literally NOTHING you can eat at the fair and stay on the cleanse. I had a choice. I could either abandon the cleanse for the day and potentially undo everything I had accomplished in the previous fourteen days or I could take all my own food and summon every ounce of will power.

I chose the latter. I am that determined to get healthy! I'll give you the final stats on health, weight, etc in another post.

So, how does one go to the fair and take all their own food? I wish I had an answer for you. Because even though I went to the fair, I found that there is not enough space to carry six cups of vegetables and four ounces of meat and a gallon of water to suffice two meals. Basically, I carried enough for one meal and stored the other meal in an ice chest in the car. While you are allowed to go to and from the fair, it is a very, very long walk from the picnic tables to the parking lot and we parked close.

I managed to choke down my salad and chicken while everyone else pigged out on Fletcher's delectable Corn Dogs!! But, dinner was more difficult. I honestly didn't think we would stay for dinner, but we did. So, I munched on my two ounces of chicken and a couple of apples just to bide my appetite till we got to the car where I ate a salad on the way home.

My will power was waning by evening. My husband and son ate Jimmy Dean sausage sandwiches which are far from healthy but the healthiest thing at the fair and also the cheapest. I tried not to smell the air while they ate. I just munched my cold chicken. I almost lost the day when it was time for ice cream. It is an annual treat to have a nutty bar before leaving for the day. Once again, my husband and son ate their ice cream and I had to help Snugglebug with his. It's tough to maneuver a nutty bar at three. (I'll post State Fair pictures in another post.)While helping him eat his ice cream, I snuck a little chocolate tidbit. It was so good and a big mistake! I just laid my head in my hands and said to my husband who offered very sweetly to go get me one, "that I had made it this far, surely I could muster the will power for a couple more hours." He didn't get me an ice cream and I didn't cheat. I stuck to my cleanse diet! I am very proud of myself for doing that, but I can't say that I will do it again.

Day sixteen and the first day after the fair, I woke starving! I hadn't consumed near enough calories the day before and my body was screaming to make them up today. I ate my shake for breakfast and debated lunch. I was out of spinach so I decided to pop into my favorite and only grocery store in town, Brookshires, after dropping Snugglebug off at school.

I went straight to the veggie section and wound up picking up prepared veggie stir fry mixes. There was a broccoli stir fry, and an Asian stir fry. I also grabbed a package of pre-sliced mushrooms. Typically, I don't waste my money on having someone else prep my food for me. You can buy broccoli for half the price if you shred it yourself. But, I was hungry and not in the mood to prep the amount of food I was wanting to eat.

The final item landing in my basket was a package of Wholy Guacamole. Again, I had never had prepared guacamole. I always made it myself. But, this was ready to eat and so was I.

I came home and tossed it all into skillets with some coconut oil. I spent the entire two hours Snugglebug was at school cooking and eating. In the end, I had eaten almost 500 calories just for lunch and it was all healthy. That is the equivalent to a quarter-pound burger at a fast food place. If I hadn't been so hungry, I would have taken a picture because the plate was piled high. And I cleaned it off!

Dinner that day was leftovers! Leftovers are so nice! Pop them in the microwave and you're ready to eat!

I had grapes for a snack and another shake after dinner. I ate a little less than 1500 calories. I went to bed full and happy! Only Four More Days to Go!!

Cleanse: Days 10-14

My apologies to my readers. I knew I was behind but didn't realize just how behind! We'll try to catch up in several posts today! (Hopefully!)

For the first ten days, you are pretty much a vegan. You only eats fruits and vegetables and your protein is from rice and lentils. I ate a lot of lentils as I found I needed more protein than what the rice would offer. Sometimes, I would mix the rice and lentils which gave them both a new flavor and texture. I also mixed rice and lentils with veggies into a stir-fry.

I made lots of veggie stir fries during the entire length of the cleanse. I also used a lot of coconut oil for the stir fry. Coconut oil is very, very healthy and great for your hair and skin.

On Day eleven, I could add chicken and fish to my meals! I was more than thrilled. I didn't do anything fancy with it since I am still limited on my ingredients. I made salmon on days eleven and twelve. I bought packages of four frozen salmon patties from Wal-Mart. They are from deep sea but not organic. My budget can only stretch so far. They are about 3-4 ounces and quick and easy to thaw out. I then put a tablespoon of coconut oil in a skillet and browned the fish on each side. If you wait for you oil to get hot, the fish will brown on the outside before cooking in the center. The secret to fish is not to overcook it, but you still want a nice browning on the outside.

I thoroughly enjoyed my fish. The first day, I cut the four-ounce portion in half and also at rice with it. So, I ate two ounces of fish and about a third of a cup of rice. It worked out to a nice amount of protein for the meal. I wasn't hungry all afternoon!

When I cooked chicken, I cooked it in olive oil with a little bit of seasoning and some salt. I ate it either with three servings of vegetables or as a salad topper. I tried to stick to 2 ounces of meat because any more than that and you don't get enough vegetables. On average I ate three cups of vegetables at each meal. I literally piled my plate high with food! My husband found it quite amusing that I was eating as much as I was and still losing weight. The effect of vegetables on the body is absolutely amazing!!

Day fifteen presented some interesting challenges so I'll leave it as it's own blog post...

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cleanse: Days 6-9

I have successfully made it a full week on my cleanse. To be honest, I am craving pizza and steak. This surprises me since I don't really eat that much pizza and steak. It is an ever once in a long while thing for me. On the other hand, we eat a lot of hamburgers and not once have I craved a burger. I don't know what that means about my current diet, but I expected all cravings to fade by this point.

Days six and seven fell on the weekend. I have a rule about not cooking on Sundays. In fact, I try not to do anything or go anywhere other than church on Sunday. Sundays are meant to rest and rejuvenate. So, that's exactly what I strive to do. with all the leftovers eaten, I ate salads for both lunch and dinner with my vinegar and olive oil dressing. Eating raw was a nice break from all the cooked vegies. I thoroughly enjoyed eating raw broccoli.

Saturday, I did cook. I steamed mostly: cauliflower, green beans, and broccoli. I am having trouble finding recipes for cauliflower and broccoli that aren't full of non-cleanse ingredients like cheese or canned soups. So, I just eat them plain or with a pat of butter. The green beans I tossed in a skillet with a tablespoon of oil from a can of sun dried tomatoes. Then added a couple of tablespoons of sliced sun dried tomatoes. I tossed them a few times till they started brown. This is my favorite way to eat green beans! The combination of the sweet green beans and the tart tomatoes is such a perfect combo.

Both days, I consumed 1200-1300 calories. I have lost a total of five pounds over the course of the first week and lost an inch and a half at the small of my waist and an inch at the belly button. I'm pleased with that. I feel I have detoxed all the extra water weight from all those breathing treatments over the summer. But, I still have two more weeks to go!

Monday was day eight and the beginning of week two. I have less fiber and cleanse pills to take, and I have gotten used to them, so I can swallow them two capsules at a time.

My sweet hubby was down in his back so I spent the afternoon taking him to the chiropractor. So, no time to cook today. I am noticing an interesting trend. Without my crock pots to aid my meals, I am completely hopeless in the kitchen.

Day nine was better. Tuesday, I steamed cauliflower, cooked some more lentils, baked a sweet potato, and washed some broccoli. I ate the latter raw. I like having something in the meal with a different texture. The sweet potato is such a sweet treat. It needs nothing more than butter.

Day ten brought out a crock pot. Yes, my friend helped me cook dinner on the busiest day of our week. I cooked lentil soup with sweet potato and carrots. It also had a lot of chili powder in it. I am not a huge fan of quite so much spice courtesy of acid reflux. Overall, the soup was good and nourishing, just spicy. I also polished off the steamed cauliflower and had some more raw broccoli.

Only twelve more days to go! If you have any good recipes for lentils, broccoli or cauliflower, please share them in the comments section. I'll be happy to give them a try!

Book Review: How To Write a Book Proposal

I put off writing this review because I was more than a little bit disappointed. As I got passed the first chapter, I was thinking, I've read this book before. And the truth is, I have. This is a 3rd edition. I didn't catch that before.

In the preface, the author lists 14 additions. None of them stand out as worthy of buying another edition if you already have an older edition.

If you are an aspiring writer and have never read this book before, you should read it at least once. I don't know that it matters which edition you read. The first one I read was on the local library's shelves. I'm quite sure this one will be too.

If you have already read this book or purchased a previous edition, don't worry about getting the newest version. It won't help you that much.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cleanse--Days 3-5

Wednesday and Thursday were crazy busy days. I barely had time to eat let alone blog. Such is typical. I raced from one appointment to another and from one item on the to-do list to another.

Thursday, I did take some time to sit for a few hours and visit with a good friend. There's nothing like nourishing conversation!

My meals on Wednesday were basically whatever veggies were leftover from previous days. It was pretty much a dab of this and a dab of that with some rice on the side. I wolfed down a few veggies before heading out the door to church on Wednesday night and was hungry when I got home. So, while making a shake for the next morning, I made one for the evening.

Thursday was a dose of salads all day. Not that I mind. I do love a good mixture of veggies! I used the previously mentioned dressing mixture of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil. I used pretty much all the veggies I had on my salad including a whole avocado, a whole tomato, carrots, broccoli, and spinach.

Friday, I tried Lentils. I have been putting off lentils because I just don't like them. Or at least the one time I tried them, I didn't like them. I boiled them according to package directions, but then mashed them and added a little bit of butter. They tasted almost like refried beans. I also ate some roasted cauliflower, and a delicious asparagus stir fry.

Stir fries are another thing I do a lot because you can toss so many veggies into one pan. Here's the recipe for the Asparagus Stir Fry:

Ingredients (Makes 3 servings)
1 tbsp Coconut Oil, Refined, Organic

2 cups Asparagus, chopped.

2 medium whole (2-3/5" dia) Tomatoes, Red, Ripe, diced

2 tbsp chopped Onions

0.5 medium raw Bell Pepper Red

2 cloves, raw Garlic

1.Heat coconut oil.

2.Mince garlic and add to oil. Saute garlic for two minutes.

3.Add onions and bell peppers. Cook for 5 minutes.

4.Add asparagus. Place a lid on the skillet and cook until desired tenderness.

5.Add tomatoes. Thoroughly distribute the tomatoes but don't allow them to cook. They may be a bit warm but still raw and firm.

6.Remove from stove and serve.

You can toss pretty much anything you want into a pan for a stir fry. If it sounds good, toss it in.

I snacked on grapes and an apple during the day, bringing my calorie total to 1300 calories. I've already lost a 1/2 inch in my waste which was gained largely from breathing treatments, steroid shots, and antibiotics. I've also lost about 3 pounds.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cleanse--Day 2

The fiber in my new diet caught up to me on day two. If you aren't used to eating a lot of fiber, then you switch to double the amount of recommended fiber, you are going to spend a little extra time in the bathroom. In addition, to the 55 grams of fiber I ate over the course of the day (recommended daily allowance is 25), I am also taking fiber and green veggie supplements as part of the cleanse. If you order the entire package from Standard Process or Amazon, you'll get the capsules in your package. They amount to 10-15 per meal. That's a lot of capsules! I drank at least half my water during the day taking the pills. It is recommended that you take them away from meals. I didn't the first day, but did on day two, and it makes a big difference. My meals were simple but a little more diverse. I hope to get better at this vegetable plate planning as the weeks go on. I had a strawberry-banana-blueberry shake for breakfast with protein powder. I like this much better than the previous day's blackberry. In fact, I like eating a shake for breakfast. It saves time having to actually cook breakfast, and it is ready as soon as I get up. Lunch was a spinach salad. One of my favorites! I eat salads a lot because of the veggie mixture and the ability to get the perfect bite! (see the movie The Mirror Has Two Faces) My salad had cucumber, carrots, tomato and of course spinach. I had avocado but decided to save it for later. My dressing was a tablespoon of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and a a tablespoon of olive oil and a dash or garlic. Mix and pour over the salad. It gives it a nice flavor and makes for a great light dressing. Bragg's is also supposed to raise the body's PH, helping it to re-balance intestinal flora. For a snack and to help wash down my pills, I had a small sweet potato early in the afternoon before we headed out to our weekly therapy appointments. The sweet potato stuck with me all afternoon. I didn't get hungry till around 6:00 which is our drive home. I was quite thrilled about that. Dinner was another sweet potato, left over spaghetti squash (no tomatoes today), rice, and avocado. I wasn't able to clean my plate but was completely full! According to Calorie Count I ate 1600 calories but 400 of that was the olive oil from my salad and the butter from my potatoes. Weight loss isn't my goal so fat isn't a bad thing at this time. If you are looking to lose weight, watch those fat grams and make sure your fat comes from good food like avocados and not butter.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cleanse--Day 1

Day 1 of my cleanse was uneventful. And, except for the lack of protein, my diet wasn't too much different than what it has been for the past few weeks. It turns out protein is a big part of my diet so I supplemented with other foods. I ate a massive amount of vegetables! I had no idea one could eat so many veggies...And I like veggies but there was a LOT of green on my plate! For breakfast, you start out the day with a shake with protein powder. I made my shake with berries: strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. The latter was a HUGE mistake! Unless you have a blender that will juice the blackberry seeds then your shake will taste like it has a handful of dirt in it. I was barely able to choke it down. I won't make that mistake again! Lunch was less inventive. Steamed green beans were simple with nothing added to them. I stir fried zucchini with mushrooms in coconut oil. Surprisingly, the coconut oil does not taste at all coconutty. Rice made my protein portion and corn on the cob rounded out my plate. The last one is an unapproved veggie for the cleanse. But left over from Sunday, it was so good I couldn't just throw it out! Dinner was delectable! Roasted tomatoes with garlic and sea salt topped spaghetti squash for a vegan spaghetti and sauce. I smashed the tomatoes with a fork and mixed them into the squash. Butternut squash, rice, and green beans, all with nothing fancy, finished off the meal. A few hours later I was hungry again so after making my shake for the next morning, I snuck about a half cup of the delicious strawberry-banana mixture. I also ate an avocado which was not fully ripe and not very good. But, I assume the nutrients are there nonetheless. Overall, I consumed a little over 1200 calories. I read that a headache was normal on day but other than a low blood sugar headache before lunch, I was fine all day. No issues and nothing unusual. I am using Calorie Count to keep track of nutrients as well as calories. It is fairly easy to use and doesn't take long to log a meal. It then gives you an easy to read graph with your nutrient goals and where you are for the day, giving you an idea of what you need to eat and what you don't.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I love Anne of Green Gables. She is always so dramatic and her words resonate with the reader. One phrase she often used was "I am in the depths of despair." While she was upset over the circumstance, I don't think she was really at the very depth of despair for that is the very definition of depression. The despair wreaks like a pair of gym socks but it is so deep you don't even notice the reason for the despair. Sometimes, you don't even realize that you are at the depths of despair. Depression sneaks up on you and overtakes you like a bad head cold.

I didn't know I was depressed til my doctor told me a low dose of anti-depressant would help me get over a constant battle with various infections and viruses.  I thought she was crazy but I trust her instincts. I have had a long summer and battled asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and an upper respiratory infection caused by strep. My stress level is off the charts! I have one sister going through a very bad divorce, and I've stood by her side all summer long. Then, another sister, who is younger than me died suddenly! She left a gaping whole in my heart. . . and more questions than answers in regards to her death.

I've been on the wonder drug of anti-depressants for three weeks, and I feel like I can actually come out of my cave. I reached a point where all I wanted to do was pull the covers over my head. The very thought of leaving the house left me tranquilized with fear. Fear of what I don't know. But, fear gripped me never the less.

I've spent the last 6 weeks since my sister's death on my knees before God. I've pleaded to be healthy again, pleaded for my family to be healthy again, and pleaded to see my son grow into a man of God. I've learned that to truly worship God is to truly appreciate every moment he has given you and everything he has given you no matter how small or insignificant. Worship doesn't mean you have to sing a praise song. I can't sing! But, I can thank him for every breath that I or my family is allowed to take.

After many hours in prayer, God directed me to a nutritionist. Her brilliant deduction summed up my condition as being tired, worn down, and depleted on a cellular level. Yep! That pretty much nailed it.

I've been gradually changing my diet over the last several weeks and now eat so many vegetables and take so many vitamins that it is unbelievable even to me who loves vegies! She has advised me to do a fruit and vegetable cleanse by Standard Process.

I'll start the cleanse today, and for 7 days will only eat vegies and fruits, vitamins, and lots and lots of water. On the 8th day, I can add protein like organic chicken and fish like Salmon. The Quest is to be healthy! So, like all my other quests of motherhood, I'll take you along for the ride. While I am not a recipe blogger, I will try to give you an idea of what I am eating. It'll keep me honest as well!

My posts will be a day behind so I can completely sum up the day.