Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quest for Acceptance: Conversation

Since first posting about my quest for acceptance, I have been thrilled and relieved at the conversations that have begun. Conversations about what is "special needs" to what is "normal" to what is "acceptance" have all been discussed with great sincerity. I have been pleasantly surprised by people's willingness to discuss these subjects and even to set aside any feelings of judgment.

The openness of the conversations makes me wonder what would we learn if we were willing to set aside prejudices and judgment and have open, honest conversations about taboo subjects such as teen pregnancy and contraception, and debt and finances? What could we learn if we were willing to admit that we have faults and need help and advice from those who have gone before us?

The only thing that keeps me, personally, from admitting my weaknesses is the fear of being judged, and the fear of being told that my feelings are not legitimate. What would happen if we accepted the fact that not everyone is happy and successful in every situation?

What if we set aside judgments and criticisms and accepted that each person is an individual who deserves to be heard?

Thank you to everyone who have opened their hearts and minds and listened with such sincerity. It encourages me to be more open and honest with all of you and in that I live more authentically.

There will be more posts to come on Acceptance, but it may be a little while in coming. This quest will be ongoing for quite some time.

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Susan said...

Really lovely posts over the past several days, Cynda. Although we haven't been able to sit down and chat, there were tears in my eyes as I related to each of your struggles and emotions. It's so hard to give up the vision that we started with. I would agree that the stages continue to go in cycles as well. We've had our diagnosis for 2.5 years now and I've probably been through it 2-3 times :) Feels like getting hit by a car each time--at least I would imagine. Give me a call if you need an ear. Best wishes to you and your wonderful family. Susan H. (Duplication Group)