Monday, January 1, 2001

Let 'Er Rip

Before he began ripping open packages, he
helped me wrap them. Here he is learning to fold the
ends. He even managed to crease one corner, which
is better than I can do.

He learned to pull off the tape
and place it on the package. It rarely ended up in the right
place, but the tape at least was on the package.
He helped wrap almost every package with the exception
of his own presents. He did a great job and may be given the job
exclusively in a few years.

He actually ripped the packaging this year. Last year, he wouldn't
touch the paper. Everything had to be unwrapped for him
or placed in gift bags. This year, he didn't mind ripping the paper.
But, he was neat and clean about his ripping.

With each piece of paper he tore from the packages,
he handed it to someone to throw away. He didn't
throw the paper in the floor or even rip the paper to pieces
with paper going everywhere. He kept it all neat and clean.

Snugglebug walked away with a pile of loot. With families as large as both of ours, you just can't help but end the season with a ton of new toys and books. He's enjoyed every one of them, too! From us, Snugglebug got the one thing he had been asking for, a football. Actually, two footballs. He also got a police car, a set of cookies for his kitchen, a talking Elmo, and a DVD for guitar lessons.

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