Monday, March 9, 2009

This Season's Color is Pink!

I am no fashionista, and I don't think you could call me stylish by any means. My style is t-shirt and jeans, and at best, a t-shirt that is not cotton. When it comes to fashion, I am clueless. If it is cute and in one of my favorite colors, then I buy it. I don't worry about whether it is stylish or not.

But the last couple of years, the colors have been aweful drab colors. I like bright, happy colors--reds, blues, pinks. But, those colors haven't been instyle in a while.

Today, as I raced through Wal-Mart to get diapers, I was stopped in my tracks by a sea of pink. Yes, pink!! Pink is back in style. I had to pause and look at the pink striped blouses, polka dot pink blouses, pink pants, pink sweaters, and all the other beautiful pinks. I quickly reminded myself that my time was limited, as was my finances, and I continued to the diaper aisle.

Nevertheless, I am celebrating that pink is back in style. How wonderful to finally have a happy color on the racks. Even if I can't buy a new pink outfit, I will at least see more pink out there in the world.


liz said...

I am glad to see the color pink is back too. What I am happier about tho , are the longer shirts that are back in style (not that they ever left my closet!). sheesh......who wants to see everyone's bellybutton? Now, if they will only get rid of those low rise pants... :)

FromThe Creek said...

I love pink...especially with brown polka dots!