Monday, March 16, 2009

Comfort Like No Other

Two weeks ago, our pastor preached about God protecting us. I can't sum it all up the way he said it. But, he talked about how he can't protect his little boy from everything and how much he needs God's help to protect him.

I found this to be true today in comfort as well. We can only comfort one another to a certain extent. We cannot reach the heart and soul as God can.

My precious Snugglebug had a second eye surgery today, and the anesthesia was awful. He was older this time and it was harder for him to come out of the anesthesia. He wasn't a happy camper. Neither my husband nor I could comfort him enough. Nothing would soothe him, not his favorite blanket, not his bottle, not mommy, and not daddy. He just cried and cried.

It broke my heart to see him so upset and to not be able to comfort him. Finally, as my husband held him, I placed my hands on his head and prayed for God to comfort him like I could not. A short time later, Snugglebug started calming down and even took his bottle.

I am reminded that God can comfort and protect us like no other. He is always there even when we think all is lost. In Exodus, he never left the Israelites, and if anyone deserved being left behind they did. They complained and griped and complained some more. But, God never left their side. He never stopped taking care of them.

It takes moments like today to be reminded of that comfort and protection. I am grateful God is there to handle those moments when we need Him the most.

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Tammy said...

Jesus is a friend like no other. He never leaves us comfortless. Glad Snugglebug is doind so well now :)