Sunday, April 5, 2009

Read and Share DVD Bible Vol. 1

From Thomas Nelson, the Read and Share DVD Volume 1 has 13 Bible stories beginning with the story of creation and concluding with the parable of the lost sheep. The selection of stories is typical of any preschool Bible and is told with the same level of accuracy. The details are simple but well presented for little minds to grasp the concept.

The animation is very simple and could possibly be considered archaic. Computer animation has come so far that it is surprising to find this DVD to be so simple in its animation and graphics. If your little one is used to Veggie Tales or Baby Einstein as Snugglebug is, then your child will likely find this DVD to be uninteresting.

Most of the stories are narrated and sound like the are being read straight from the Bible which is a good thing, but today's little ones are used to the story playing out before them not being read to them from a television.

Considering this DVD is the same price as most Baby Einstein videos I would expect the DVD to much better quality. I am happy to play the DVD and have the Bible stories in the background, but Snugglebug will certainly not be sitting in front of the television absorbing the words as he does with Baby Eienstein.

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