Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blessing a Stranger, and the Stranger Was Me

Today, we had a very disappointing visit with a Gastroenterologist. He didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. He didn't give us any suggestions that we hadn't already tried. He told us the same thing we have been told over and over again. Constipation really isn't something to be worried about. We left with nothing new to try and only hope that it might clear up on its own eventually.

By the time we left it was lunchtime for both of us. We went down the street to a Chik-Fil-A to eat lunch before heading home. Obviously, I was not in the best of spirits. After all, I had just spent $60 to hear that I was worrying too much and that Apply Juice was the cure-all. (What is it with Apple Juice, anyway?)

We ordered our food and sat down. Shortly after we had sat down in our booth, two men sat down in the booth behind us. One of the men immediately started praying over his food, asking God to bless his food and to give them grace and wisdom. I was immediately encouraged by a prayer that was for someone else's food and someone else's life. I'm not really sure why the prayer lifted my spirits. Perhaps, it was a reminder that God has a hand in all this.

I was also reminded that I don't pray over my food in public very often and that it could be a blessing to someone else to do so. I just never realized that praying in public could bless a total stranger who might hear it.

I'm trying to see the blessings in each day. Some days it is hard to find those little blessings, and other days it is quite obvious.

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Araratacres said...

I had a similar experience earlier this week. I have been feeling poopy this week....a little woe is me-ish if you know what I mean, and overwhelmed overall. Charlie was laid off work the first of the month, and I am feeling tremendous responsiblity to work work work whenever I can to insure our financial safety. We aren't in any immediate danger, but this is certainly a setback, and not knowing how long this economy is going to be awful plays a direct part in how long Charlie may be unemployed...especially since he is in construction, which just isn't happening right now since banks aren't loaning money.

Anyway, I was in the post office, and there was a lady going thru the trash inside the post office. I was the only other customer in the building. She looked up at me and began apologizing. She and her husband both lost their jobs in January and things were really starting to get ugly at their house (financially speaking). She said, "4 months ago, we never thought twice about spending money. Now I worry about every 50cents we spend (she was collecting all of those free coupon sheets you get in the mail). I never thought we would be in this situation." We talked and commiserated a little longer, and I left the post office feeling blessed about working so much...for at least I have a job. It's all in perspectives, isn't it?