Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tying the Pieces Together, Part 1

This is day 2 of a very long week which followed another very long week in a very busy month. We have been taking Snugglebug to specialists of all sorts. If we haven't been to see a particular type of specialist, it has been recommended. We have also been drawing blood for different tests all in hopes of tying all the odd pieces together.

I have mentioned Snugglebug's battle with constipation, but he is also very small for his age. He is in the 1 percentile. We have a friend who's 6 month old is the same length as 14-month Snugglebug. He has delayed motor skills and delayed speech. In both areas, he is around average for a 9 month old.

We began physical therapy with him last week in hopes of getting our 14 month old mobile, and we are looking into speech therapy. After much discussion with our pediatrician, we decided to try to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together, and she started booking specialist appointments for us.

One of the specialists was a geneticist. She called yesterday and said she had found something. She asked that my husband and I come in to see her without Snugglebug in tow so we could discuss the results at length.

Our minds are racing with the possibilities. The fears that lie with a genetic disorder are huge! My husband and I spent a great deal of time on the phone last night discussing what it could mean for us and for our little guy.

Thursday, we see the Geneticist and will learn what is in store for us. We still have a gastroenterologist and possibly an Endocrinologist to see. So we may unearth even more causes for his various symptoms.


Laura said...

Praying for great communication with the Dr., complete clarity for you both and just God's perfect peace on Thursday. Your emotions must be on a roller-coaster these days.

Many, many hugs to you, my dear friend,

Lisa said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Cynda and Michael.