Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poop Is Good!!

So for the last three weeks, I have been battling constipation with Snugglebug. Seems our eating issues were directly tied to the lack of poop. Poop, or the lack thereof, has been an issue since he was about 3 months old (and only on breastmilk) and has gradually gotten worse.

Now at 14 months, he is taking enough Miralax to make a grown man poop constantly for an entire day. (If you know what I mean!) I have made so many calls to my doctor's office that the nurses don't return my calls anymore. The doctor is just now realizing the seriousness of the constipation and is starting to take me seriously.

We have spoken to a dietition who confirms he is getting enough liquid and fiber. So the idea that he has a bad diet that is contributing to the issue is not the case. Hear that nurses! (Not a generalization only the ones who are tired of hearing my voice on the voicemail.)

We have run blood tests which may indicate maybe a slight Hypothyroid, but they want to run the test again, which is a problem. The constipation is so bad that it is now causing dehydration. Wow, you mean there is a cause and effect situation going on here. My doctor wasn't sure when I spoke with her about it. It all makes sense, but "surely he isn't dehydrated" the doctor said. "Surely, he is," I said.

We have a passle of doctors lined up this month to determine the problem. Poop is just too important to be ignored. Unlike some who cringe at the thought of poop. I get all excited when that rank smell wafts through the room. And typically, dissapointment follows an empty diaper and the realization it was only smelly gas.

Poop is good. Poop is a way of life! So next time you hold your breath for that smelly diaper remind yourself, poop is good. It proves everything is working the way it should. So, let there be poop!!!

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