Thursday, October 21, 2010

Book Review: Out Live Your Life by Max Lucado

If you enjoy Max Lucado books, then you will enjoy this one. In his traditional, easy to read style, Lucado inspires the reader to move forward in his or her Christian life. While the book is not full of fascinating ideas to out live your life, it is a gentle reminder that God places moments within each day when we can make a difference in someone else's life. Lucado sites lots of scripture and compares today's church to the early church in the book of Acts. He reminds the reader of what we are supposed to do as a church and as Christians and encourages us to do just that.

This book is not overwhelming. Unlike, A Hole in Our Gospel, it does not leave you in tears with each chapter and when you close the book you are not spurred to pack your bags and become a missionary. But, it does remind us that we have a great job to share God's love and grace with others.

As with most of Lucado's books, this one also comes as a small group or individual Bible study. I read this book in three days and wouldn't necessarily say it would make a great Bible study.

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Let Guieb said...

Max Lucado has written a lot of books that gives inspiration and encouragement to a lot of people. Thank you for sharing your review on Out Live Your Life. I will grab a copy of this soon and have my own reading. My favorite is He Did This Just for You? also by Max Lucado. It is an excellent way to introduce the gospel to our non-believing family members, friends and acquaintances. The book is recommended at
Maybe you can check out that site too! Great collection of books are listed there which you will find helpful!