Friday, October 15, 2010

Snugglebug's Big Boy Haircut

Snugglebug actually requested a hair cut. We were headed out of the mall, and he was pulling at his hair and pointing at the barber shop where we usual take him and his daddy for a hair cut. He was quite adamant that he be taken to the barber. When we went inside, we had to tell him multiple times that he couldn't walk right in. He had to wait his turn. When his turn finally came, he walked right in. The barber set the cushions in the seat and Snugglebug sat quite willingly. This is the very first time for him to sit alone in the chair. Add to that, he sat very still, never complaining, just gently brushing the hair from the arms of the chair ever so often. The barber commented that he sat more still than some adults. Everyone watching was amazed, including us. It's always a surprise when your little one suddenly grows up right before your eyes.

Snugglebug's haircut. No more mullet. You can't see my face behind the camera but I am grinning ear to ear. The length of Snugglebug's hair has been an ongoing argument since his first haircut. But, Snugglebug made the decision this time. And he loves it! He looks like a big boy!!

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