Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Avalanche of Grand Proportions

What began as one simple event, that of my husband's car accident, has become an avalanche of events. Each day following my husband's accident has dawned with a new challenge. Three events have occurred all within days of each other challenging my new quest to think positive and focus more on the good in life and the good in others.

For privacy reasons, I can't go into details regarding those events, suffice to say they have taken up every waking moment of my day. I haven't had time to do any of the things that I have come to enjoy these last few months, reading, Bible reading, blog following, or writing of any kind.

After each event I broke down and asked why me. I focused on all things negative and had a good cry, then reminded myself of the lessons I have been learning from others. Focus on the beauty in life; There is a blessing in all this; and Think positive and smile like Kristi Yamaguchi.

The first lesson is from Think and Make It Happen. I am still working on instilling the principles in my life. The second and third are from Scott Hamilton's The Great Eight. I will be posting the review next.

Being positive is easier said than done. There almost has to be a mantra in your head to constantly remind you of the quest to be positive. Negative events are occurring on a daily basis challenging our way of life as we know it. And, we are almost constantly bombarded with negative statements. People reminding us of past faults, or judging our current actions and determining them failures. Then there is our own mind doing all the same things.

We can look at the negative in two ways. We can agree that we are failures, wonder why God has allowed us to be in such a situation, and succumb to the attacks from the world and Satan. Or, we can say that God is with us always (Psalm 23), and that we have a great deal to learn from the situation.

While car accidents and health problems are never good, we can learn a great deal from them. While cataclysmic circumstances are never rewarding, we can gain great blessings from them. The key is waiting and thinking positive as Scott Hamilton says, even when we have every right not to.

I am the first to admit that I have no patience! But, I am attempting to learn to have patience. Max Lucado wrote in Traveling Light that God gives us the strength for today only. And patience falls in that category. We shouldn't try to be patient for the entire year all in one day. We should take each moment at a time.

I will also gladly admit when others point out my failures, I crumble and believe every word. It is not till later that I realize the lack of truth in the statements. I have to dialogue with myself and ask myself, what do these people know about me, and the answer is always very little. If one person truly knows another person then they would never project such statements onto that person but instead would uplift that person with positive statements.

Thinking positive. Living a positive life. Being positive regardless of the situation. That is my quest. And quest is the right word for it because like the knights of old this is an adventure of grand proportions with great treasure waiting in the end.

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Val said...

Reading your blog today is exactly what I needed. Your words have given me the hope and encouragement that I deperately needed. Thank You!!