Friday, February 27, 2009

Traveling Light by Max Lucado

Lucado, Max. Traveling Light. Thomas Nelson: 2001

This is an older book, certainly not in need of a review. But, I was so touched by this book.

It is a commentary on Psalm 23. Each chapter covers a phrase of the chapter for a total of 18 chapters. I read a chapter a night, although one could easily read it much faster. I would be willing to say it could easily be read in one or two sittings. But I savored each chapter the way one would savor a really good piece of chocolate. I read a chapter, set it aside, and spent the next day pondering and absorbing it. Each chapter reads like a mini-sermon with personal stories from Lucado, commentary on the text, and application for everyday life.

I was struck by each chapter and how it ministered to me as I read it. I have long since memorized the 23rd Psalm but never had it taken on so much meaning. I suppose I had never really stopped to thing about the awesome message being conveyed through those simple words, "The Lord is my Shepherd..."

The final chapter or rather the conclusion brought me to tears as Lucado summed up the scripture as a whole. It became so clear that God has an insurmountable love for us and is conveying it to us in the simplest terms. Yet despite all that, it is hard to understand that level of unconditional love.

In my quest to lead a positive life with a positive attitude, this book is a must-read for me. I took away a great deal of comfort in the Grace of God.

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