Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Call No Policewife Wants to Get

On Tuesday night, I got the call a policewife never wants to hear. Fortunately, my husband was coherent enough to make the call himself.

He had been in a severe accident and spun head-on into a brick wall. Surprisingly enough, I was calm and able to think through my plans. This is highly unusual for me. Typically, I panic and can't think straight.

Before throwing things into the diaper bag, I said a prayer and called my mom to pray with me. We prayed for healing and I prayed for no paralyzation.

I was ready to rush out the door to the hospital in 15 minutes flat, but bad weather was rolling in complete with tornado watches and warnings, and my husband's fellow officers didn't want me driving in the weather. So they sent a squad car to pick me up. I was very grateful!

Once we were at the hospital, I found my husband lying flat on his back in a neckbrace. They had already run x-rays and a catscan and were waiting to run an MRI. My brother-in-law, also a police officer, was already there as was his wife. There were also several other officers who work with my husband coming and going from his ER exam room. All were so helpful and were constantly offering to assist me with anything I might need or want. They also kept the mood light.

If you have never been around police officers, then it is hard to explain their humor. Suffice to say the more dramatic or morbid the scene or topic the more humor they can find in it. And this was no different. My husband was talking and joking around with them which put my mind at ease.

The MRI was going to be a long wait or so we thought, the nurses and doctors made some calls and the MRI tech came in at 1 am with her two kids, 6 and 10 years-old, in tow to do the MRI. The next obstacle was finding someone to read the MRI at such a late hour, but the nurses thought they could find someone. About an hour or hour and a half later, they too came through. The doctor read the MRI and discovered a bone spur from the C6 vertebrae. This sent a shot through me as he explained that one wrong move and my husband could be paralyzed. He ordered a neuro-surgeon to consult before releasing my husband.

At 3 a.m., Snugglebug and I headed to my in-law's home to spend the night. Another officer supplied transportation and was very gracious. My husband saw the surgeon the next morning, first thing, and the surgeon advised that my husband take it easy. He didn't think the bone spur would be an immediate problem but suggested surgery sooner rather than later. At 10 a.m., my husband was released from the ER and was brought to his parent's home via squad car.

Through all this, the other police officers were more than gracious. I was so grateful to have such wonderful people surrounding my husband on a daily basis. Today, my husband is home. He is taking some time off from work till he sees the surgeon again. Snugglebug and I are looking forward to having him home with us. And I have a new found sense of gratitude for him and for our family as a whole.

I am also very grateful that in our five and a half years of marriage, this is the first call I have recieved of such urgency. I am also glad to know how I will react should such a call come in again. You never really know how you will react. As a policewife, you prepare yourself for such a call, but everynight before bed, I pray for his safety and that God will bring him home again. I am thankful that God answers prayers before they are even needed!

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Becky said...

I've been keeping you all in my prayers.