Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Cool Little Dude

"Hey babe, I'll lose the old lady, then we can go back to my crib and party."

The picture was taken at the pool in Florida by Emily Fruge. The quote is courtesy Clay and Collette Ginn, two good friends of ours.

Gabriel was relaxing and yes, watching some girls playing to his right, when the mom of one of the girls asked to take his picture. I was cracking up and wishing my husband had come down with us, so he could take the picture. Alas, she not only took the picture but emailed it to me. Needless, to say we have had endless enjoyment from this picture. What was going through his little mind we may never know!

And just so you know it was his idea to sit on the step and lean back the way he is in the picture. I had been sitting him on the edge and bouncing him off into the water like he was jumping in. Then he decided he needed a break and scooted backwards and stretched out his arms. I was laughing so hard. I am eternally grateful to Emily Fruge for taking the picture!


Laura said...

This one gives me a huge smile. I'm amazed at how he is just growing up. Did you say he is squeezing out of an 18-24 month shirt?

Glad to see you guys yesterday!

Araratacres said...

that picture needs to go on a stud muffin calendar! I'm smiling too :)~ liz

Christy said...

He is so adorable! Glad to hear that you had a good time on vacation. I know how you feel about wishing your husband was with you. My husband almost never takes off time for vacation and we miss him too.