Monday, July 6, 2009


So we have had a countdown running for weeks leading up to my husband's vacation! And now we are finally here! We are in Pensacola Beach, Florida!! And loving every minute of it.

Snugglebug met the beach for the first time and as long as he was in his daddy's strong arms he was ok. But the minute his feet touched the water, it was all over, and he was ready to go home. The sand was ok, but not of great interest. The next morning I took him out alone while his Daddy slept and Snugglebug was having nothing of the water. So, we sat and played in the sand till naptime approached. He started rubbing his sand-laden hands against his tired eyes, and I quickly realized it was time to go.

The pool on the other hand is quite a thrill for Snugglebug. He can't get enough of the pool. The water is calm and warm as compared to the ocean that is rough and cold.

We have had a lot of family time which Snugglebug is enjoying immensely. He gets upset if one of us leaves the room or sleeps in. He wants us all together all the time!

We also ventured out to the boardwalk over the weekend. It wasn't too crowded and it was great to see it alive once again. We were here last shortly after the hurricane and it was quiet, and the shops were desolate. We had some lunch in one of the shops. I had a salad while my husband had a burger and Snugglebug at his favorite, grilled cheese. The waiter/owner was Greek with a heavy accent. I asked the man to leave the croutons off my salad.
"Okay," he said, "no cheese," he repeated as he wrote.
"No, I don't want croutons. The cheese is fine," I corrected.
"No cheese," he repeated and showed me his pad so I knew he had written it down.
My husband chimed in at this point and said, "No bread for her salad."
"Okay, no croutons," he wrote as he spoke.
So I ate a salad with no cheese and no croutons.
We followed up lunch with ice cream, and Snugglebug tasted chocolate ice cream for the first time. He has had vanilla but never chocolate. He liked the ice cream just fine but found it hard to focus on eating when there were so many interesting people to watch.

On the 4th, we watched fireworks from outside our condo. From the 8th floor, we had a glorious view, and I was able to put my new photography hobby into practice. I took over a hundred and fifty photos of the fireworks. I had so much fun! I'll post a few of them in a separate post.

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Laura said...

Looks like the perfect vacation... I wish we were there hanging out with you guys.