Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy Month

I just realized it has been almost an entire month since my last posting but what a busy month it has been. We have had 4 doctor's appointments, 2 therapy appointments, 1 birthday party, 1 family reunion/camping trip, 1 baby shower, and now we are on vacation.

July will be just as busy as June. It never really seems to slow down. I always think that once summer gets here things will slow down but they never do. This summer is even busier than the ones before since we have added so many doctors appointments and now physical therapy. I have decided that one child with special needs is the equivalent to four or five healthy ones. While healthy children go to the doctor with an ear ache or the flu, we go for hearing issues, growth issues, and digestive issues. I am incredibly thankful that Snugglebug has been healthy in all other ways. To add the flu or chronic ear infections to the already extensive list would be too much to handle.

I am learning more and more about 7q11.23 duplication syndrome. I am learning that most of Snugglebug's health issues are related to that duplicated gene. I also am finding myself amazed at the intricacies of genetics...that just one duplicated gene can wreak havoc on the system in so many ways is amazing. Granted, Snugglebug has more than one gene duplicated in that region but it all ties in together. Makes a person wonder how anyone could ever believe in evolution.

So much more research needs to be done on 7q11.23 duplication so that parents like me can have a better understanding of what life will entail. I pray for those scientists everyday that they will have a growing passion to seek out answers for the rest of us.

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