Friday, September 17, 2010

Book Review: Dad's Bible: The Father's Plan with notes by Robert Wolgemuth

The Dad's Bible is the companion to the Mom's Bible which I reviewed a few months back. I am not sure what I was expecting when I received this Bible but was a little disappointed to see it is basically an exact replica of the Mom's Bible. The exception is where the word Mother appears it is replaced with Father. It also has a Question and Answer section in the back as well as a topical index. Nether of these are in the Mom's Bible.

While the notes are attributed to Robert Wolgemuth in the Dad's Bible the same notes are also credited to him as well as his wife and four other women. I find it interesting that the women as well as his wife are not credited in the Dad's Bible.

This Bible has the same basic characteristics of the Mom's Bible in that it seems to condense and simplify the scripture. For a quick read, this Bible is fine but for an intensive husband and wife study, I would not recommend this Bible. The notes are interesting but when paired with scripture that has been simplified it is not worth using as a study Bible.

To read the review on the Mom's Bible follow this link: Mom's Bible

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Araratacres said...

Thanks for being willing to share the "not so good" side of books too. Hugs to you, fellow bibliophile!