Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who's Next?

We have an interesting phenomenon going on in our church. It's causing those of us left stateside to look at each other with side-long glances and wonder what conversations are taking place behind closed doors.

Three years ago, our pastor and his family were called to Brazil as missionaries. Two years later, a second family was called to the mission field. Only this time to Honduras. This summer, we sent them off with much prayer to share God's love with Honduran orphans.

Now, the jokes fly amongst those of us who are stateside. Who's next and don't be my friend because my friends end up in the mission field.

But, all joking aside, there is an intense quest by the members of our church to know the Lord and to follow his calling. Families have adopted children from CPS and from overseas as a result. Others are intently studying the Word of God. Books on missions are being read. Postings on Facebook appear to be rather book-club-like, yet it is mere coincidence that two people read one book on missions at the same time, while another began it shortly after the other two had finished. And yet, two others set out to find said book on missions after seeing the postings.

As I stand worshiping on Sunday mornings, I can't help but wonder, who's next. Who will God call next to witness to the lost and hungry. My husband and I joked that it could be us. And, all joking aside, it could be. Both sets of friends underwent an amazing transformation as God knocked on their hearts and requested their services. While we think, no never, not me, and we pray, please don't send me to Africa, God could just be waiting for us to take a breath so he can invite us to join His grand plan to bring his love to all nations.

Overall, in my circle of friends and acquaintances and even a friend of a friend, I am aware of 5 families who are entering or have entered the mission field. That's a lot of people sharing the goodnews of Christ. And while you read this, I send a side-long glance at you and wonder, "are you next or am I next?" Which one of us will be the next to say, "send me"?


Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

Hmmmm - could it be me? We are trying to put our ministry back together. M. has been seriously looking for sound equipment for the last 3 days...

Laura said...

What a beautiful post, my friend! With your sign language knowledge, there are worldwide ministries you could absolutely help. I just made that connection - here in La Ceiba there is a ministry called Signs of Love. Hugs to you! God is bigger than anything I've ever imagined.

Marcus said...

In addition to the people overseas, there also is a hunger by people in our church to be sent locally too. It really is cool to see a church that embraces an Acts 1:8 mindset. Hopefully when you look around the church, you see that most of us are next in some way.

My favorite send me is by Matt Papa, here is the link

Cynda Western Felini said...

Marcus, you are so right. It is so easy to forget that we have a mission right around us. Shame on me for forgetting that. We don't think of it as missions when we are helping those in our community or ministering to our fellow church members. And yet, that is as important as going overseas. Thanks so much. I think there is a lot to contemplate in your comment.

Laura, I hope I can learn enough sign for it to be useful beyond these non-verbal years. I'm working on it.

Tammy, I hope you do have a ministry in store. I think you and your family would be great in ministry.

Araratacres said...

Cynda, I have had the exact same thoughts. And, I too currently have 5 sets of friends in my life who have forsaken everything to follow a mission field (abroad) that has taken hold in their heart. That doesn't even count the people here in the states that do mission work every day. I am humbled by my friend's works. ~ Liz