Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let 'Er Rip

Snugglebug had no issues with wrapping paper this year. Last year, the texture of the wrapping paper was too much for him, and he wouldn't touch it. Everything had to be in gift bags with tissue paper.

But, before he started ripping open the packaging, he helped me wrap almost every present. There were a couple he didn't help wrap (including his own), but for most of the gifts he was right there, lending me a hand.

He learned to pull the tape off the dispenser. This was a hard job for
his low muscle tone. He really had to work at it to tear the tape.
Most of the time the tape did not end up in the right spot. But, I counted
it a success since the tape actually made it to the paper. About half
the time, he would try to stick the non-stick side to the paper. He couldn't
understand why both sides weren't sticky.

He learned to fold the ends and even managed to crease a corner.
That impressed me, since I have trouble with the corners, myself.
He did a great job wrapping. So great, in fact, that I may give
him the job altogether in the future.
When it came to unwrapping, he wasted no time.
He ripped and pulled and didn't worry about the paper in the least.

He was very neat about his unwrapping. With each piece of
paper that he tore off, he handed it to someone to throw away.
When he finished unwrapping, there was no stray paper around
He kept it neat and tidy.

Snugglebug walked away with a pile of loot. The photo above is just what he got from us. With as many aunts, uncles, and cousins as he has, one can't help but make out like a bandit at Christmas. He got so many wonderful books and toys. He should be a happy camper for a while.

My little boy only asked for one thing this Christmas. A football. Pictured above, his eyes lit up when he opened the package. He has been wanting a football for a while (since football season started, to be exact.) Now, the weather just needs to cooperate so he can go outside and throw the ball with his daddy.


Araratacres said...

Would you mind hiring him out next year to:
1. wrap all my gifts for me, and
2. keep everything picked up while the unwrapping is taking place.

Hugs to you and your men, liz

Cynda Western Felini said...

Funny! Thanks, Liz!