Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ode to the Gray Hair

I discovered a gray hair recently. It was this wiry thing that was refusing to lie down and be clipped to my head. After careful examination, I discovered it was a gray hair. I did what every woman does when she finds that first gray hair (she just won't admit it), I yanked it out, cursed it, and washed it down the drain.

I don't buy into the whole theory that seven will grow back in its place because if that was true we would have the cure for baldness. The person would have a full head of gray hair but who cares what color it is as long as it is there.

Other gray hairs have since appeared (not in the same location), and I have treated them just as unkindly. My mother had her first gray streak at twenty. Yes, an entire streak, not just a single hair! I should be happy that I have lasted as long as I have without any gray hairs.

Honestly, I am not surprised by the arrival of gray hairs. Gray hairs are a sign of only one thing. No, strike that. They are a sign of several things. The biggest thing is that they are a sign that I am not taking enough vitamins or else I would not have gray hairs. (No, don't correct me! Let me languish in denial...for once.)

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