Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chicken Pot Pie

I love trying new recipes and while Oprah doesn't need advertising, I must pass on this recipe. Before Thanksgiving, Oprah had Cristina Ferrare sharing money saving recipes. A couple of weeks ago, I gave the marinade and the Chicken Pot Pie recipes a try. I was astounded. The marinade and Roast Chicken were extremely easy and the pot pie was just as simple.

I made one change to the Pot Pie recipe. Rather than using the various vegetables listed in the ingredients, I used a package of frozen mixed vegies and cooked them according to the directions. This add even less prep work to the meal.

The pot pie made great leftovers as well. It would make a meal for a family of four, but I have an unusual situation. My husband works during dinner time, so I am typically the only one eating thus I always have leftovers.

I have this recipe on the menu for next week, so check back next week for a picture of my version of this Chicken Pot Pie.

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Tammy said...

Hey Cynda! I love your blog idea and will be adding it to my blog reader! I look forward to some of your tips. BTW - I am a gadget person too but DH is not. I really want the new Shark steam mop but he thinks it is useless LOL We will see who wins out. :)