Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gadgets to Aid in Making Your Own Baby Food

There are several really great gadgets to help in the making of baby food.
1. Potato Ricer:

This little gadget is a multi-purpose kitchen tool. It makes great mashed potatoes and mashes bananas beautifully. One quick squeeze and a ripe banana is ready for Snugglebug's mouth.
2. Kidco Food Mill:

This hard-to-find gadget is the perfect portable baby food grinder. The hand crank will grind almost anything but some things such as chicken or turkey require some arm muscle. It generally costs around $15 and is worth every penny. My mother had one of these and she used it for all five of her kids then passed it on to my sister who is still using it with her third child. So even if you don't use it everyday, which I don't, you know it will be of use many years or even generations down the road. You can type in Kidco food mill in a search or you can go to Target. com.
3. 2 Qt. Food Mill:

If you are more into versatility, then the regular size 2 quart food mill will be your choice. It will do the same jobs as the portable Kidco model but will also make a nice batch of tomato puree for meatloaf or spaghetti sauce. It generally costs about $25 and can be found in the kitchen section of most tores.
4. Food Processor:
Generally, speaking all you really need to puree a batch of peas or carrots or even a chicken breast is a food processor. And while I would love to have a standard size food processor, I don't. So, I can honestly say a mini-food processor will do the job just as well. It just takes a little longer.

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