Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Arm & Hammer Carpet & Room Pet Fresh

I have no idea how long Arm & Hammer have been making their aerosol pet fresh cleaner but I just discovered it. The can advertises a "Pet Hair Release" so I had to give it a try on my sofa. We had been out of town for several days at Christmas and prior to that I hadn't had time to vacuum. So, needless to say, the cat hair from three cats had accumulated. I have spent the last week trying to clean it off the sofa. I have vacuumed and vacuumed but just couldn't get it all.

Today, I tried the Carpet & Room Pet Fresh spray. It sprays a foam cleaner over the entire area. As advertised it dries quickly, but I am not sure it was exactly 5 minutes but it was definitely less than 10. Once dry, I vacuumed again and all the remaining cat hair came up leaving the sofa looking like new (or as close as our old sofa can).

I was impressed that the pet hair release really did work. The static that was holding the hair was no longer there and neither was the hair.

The only downside is that being an aerosol it left a nasty chemical smell in the air. If you are chemical sensitive, this is one product to stay away from. Next time I clean the sofa, I will probably open the windows to air out the house afterward.

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