Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Operation Actually Read the Bible

Becky and I have been friends since our first or second year of college at Texas Woman's University. During that time, we have shared our faith with one another, discussed Bible studies, and talked about different Bible translations. Now, she is on a mission to actually read through the Bible. This had never been a goal of mine, but at her prodding and encouragement, I am taking up the mission as well. I am actually going to read through the entire Bible.

This is an ongoing challenge with many participants, so it should be a lot of fun along the way. I haven't set a deadline for myself but will say that rather than just reading the Bible I am actually studying it. This will take a lot longer, but I want to take it all in. I have read the stories hundreds of times, but I want to dig a lot deeper this time around.

I have been working through the Bible study series by Max Lucado titled Life Lessons. I highly reccomend this series. He adds excerpts from his books to each study that gives the study practicality to today's life. Thus far I have studied: Ephesians and James and am currently working on Genesis.

I am also including the books our pastor teaches because while he is teaching the series on Sunday, I will be endeavoring to read those chapters during the week. If I find that too encumbersome a task, then I will not count those books as read. I won't fudge my numbers in other words.

The next part of this adventure includes a weekly "Question of the Week" from our brave leader, Becky. Each week she will post a discussion question on her blog and at some point during the week, I will discuss it on my blog.

If you wish to participate in Becky's challenge, click the logo above, and it will take you to her site to sign up.

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