Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Changing of the Guard

I am by no means a news junky. In fact, the weather is all I really need. But today, I had the TV on all day and in the afternoon, the radio. For today was Inauguration Day! And it wasn't just because today was an "historic" day because we inaugurated our first Black President. It was simply because it was an historic day no matter who was to be inaugurated.

The changing of the guard is so seamless and allows our democracy to keep going despite the incredible differences in the changes in the administrations, their attitudes, and morals. There are no military coups involved. There are no threats of violence. There is only the pomp and circumstance that is only associated with our inaugurations.

This was best demonstrated after the inauguration of Barack Obama whe he and Mrs. Obama walked now former President Bush and Mrs. Bush to the helicopter. Obama shook Bush's hand and Mrs. Obama gave Mrs. Bush a hug. A warm send-off for political oponents.

Inauguration is a celebration of the continuance of our democracy. When we no longer have such a celebration, we will no longer have democracy to celebrate.

In four years, we will have another inauguration. And whether it is Barack Obama or not, I will watch with great attentiveness as the entire country once again celebrates democracy and shows the world how it's done.

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Laura said...

Well put, friend.