Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whole Foods--Reusable Shopping Bags

So, I have determined that I have become obsessed with finding the perfect reusable shopping bag. This is not atypical of me. When I find something unique that I like a lot, I become obsessed with finding the absolute best of that thing. (I shopped for years before purchasing my camera.) So, after a long hiatus from Whole Foods (it is a long drive for me), I make a visit to pick up a few health foods.
Of course, I had to check their bags and low and behold they have two different sizes. And these bags are the best yet. They are more of a plastic than a cloth. I couldn't tell you the material. All the bag says is that it is made of 80% recycled material. It is a slick plastic that will be easy to clean inside and out. This is a definate plus for meats. I picked up chicken this week and was a little worried about leakage in my bags.

As I mentioned, they had two sizes. The larger size was 99 cents and larger than the average store reusable bag. It is taller and slightly wider. The second is quite a bit smaller and would be fantastic for those short trips and for smaller purchases such as as a craft store. The smaller bag was 79 cents and made of the same material as the larger bag.

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