Friday, January 23, 2009

Book Review by Snugglebug

We are battling colds here. My hubby had it 2 weeks ago. I caught it on Friday and was sick till Monday and still have a sniffles. And wouldn't you know it, Snugglebug is sniffling and sneezing today just like I was a week ago. I had hoped we would avoid giving him this horrible cold, but no such luck.

But, before we came down with the sniffles, Snugglebug submitted a book review to Miss Becky's Young Reader's Blog. In case you are new to Snugglebug's reviews, he dictates them to me, and I send them in. Well, I suppose dictate isn't really the correct word either. I base the review on his reaction to the books when we read them. We read them several times before I send the review to Miss Becky. I also include my opinion as a mom.

We have been reading books since he was about 2 months old, so he is used to sitting and looking at the pages. And, he has definite likes and dislikes where the books are concerned. He even chooses his own books from time to time.

We are going to try sending reviews on a more regular basis. This month's review is about Jess Stockham's series titled Just Like You. To read more go to Young Readers.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog. I found it for the first time today.
You are the first mom I have found who started to read to her child at just 2 months old. Wonderful, if only more would copy your example, we may find more children enjoying books, just because they all they have ever known.
Bedtime stories are so important, and I always read to my 3 sons when they were babies, and as they grew. As my sons are now fathers, to decided to write for my grandchildren, and now have a book of 10 bedtime stories published in the US. Maybe it will be of interest to you some day.
Irene J Harvey