Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A deeper thought

Lately, it seems my thoughts are drifting more to the philosophical than anything else. So today I pose a philosophical question.

I am trekking through Genesis and am now up to Joseph. Later I will give all my thoughts about this fabulous book but for today just one.

From Adam to Isaac, God takes on an actual form and walks and talks with his people. He walks with Abraham and discusses Sodom and Gomorrah. He talks to Isaac about having children and being the father of a nation. But then we get to Jacob and Esau and God speaks to Jacob in dreams and visions. But still Jacob knows it is God.

My question is why the change. Was Jacob not able to hear or see God in any other way? We see others later on that had the same relationship with God that Abraham had, i.e. Moses. But what happened along the way? What happened today that so few have that same relationship? I have a friend that prays about everything and knew she was going to have another baby before she did because God had shared that with her. I asked myself now why I can't hear God's voice so clearly. I pray but never truly converse. Perhaps, it is a listening issue. Perhaps, I have a great deal to learn from Jacob.

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