Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reading to Babies

I wanted to take a moment to reply via post to Irene's comment on Book Review by Snugglebug. Irene wrote, "You are the first mom I have found who started to read to her child at just 2 months old."

Irene thank you for commenting! I am sure I am not the first mom to start reading so early. My mother read to us from an early age, and most of my favorite books are embedded in my memory with her voice. Reading to your little ones is so important. It is just as important to get into the habit of reading to your little one, which is basically all it is at 2 months of age. But when we parents get into the habit of settling down and reading those bedtime stories at night, it begins a lifetime tradition for our children. One that hopefully will be past down to the next generation.

"...I always read to my 3 sons when they were babies, and as they grew." And now you are reaping the rewards! We gain so much more than just good reading habits. We gain valuable memories and one-on-one time with our children that will build a relationship that will last a lifetime. Game nights are great! But, don't forget to curl-up with a good book and your child, too! Reading with Snugglebug before bed is one of my favorite activities. We curl up on the bed together, and he snuggles-in. He turns the pages, and I read!

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Becky said...

Cynda (and Irene!) you might find this blog-article useful. Jen posted it today and it is so wonderful.

How Can We Encourage Reading Aloud