Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Operation Read Bible--Question of the Week #4

Do you prefer reading Bibles in paperback, hardback, or leather? Do you prefer red letter or black letter? Do you have a favorite translation of the Bible? Why? What is it that you love? Do you prefer reading text-only Bibles? Or do you prefer reading study Bibles? Do you have a favorite study Bible?
I don't really have a preference of type. My own Bible is a NIV leather bound, but I also read out of a study booklet. I do prefer red-letter editions. I feel this adds respect to Jesus' words. I am currently enjoying the NIV but have also read the King James a lot. I have both on my nightstand. My favorite Bible is the Notetakers Bible. It has wide margins so I can make notes from sermons or my own studies in the margins, between chapters, and paragraphs. This makes it easier when I go back and re-read a text to remember what I drew from it during my last study.
There are others answering these questions as well. Click on the picture, and it will take you to the listings. Want to join us in our challenge? You can do that at Operation Read Bible.

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